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Bij Q-Fin Quality Finishing ontwikkelen, bouwen en verkopen we machines voor het ontbramen, slijpen en afronden van metalen onderdelen.

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Q-Fin Quality Finishing
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The solution for machine deburring, grinding and rounding.

At Q-Fin Quality Finishing, we develop, build and sell machines for deburring, grinding and finishing metal parts. In addition, we provide solutions for the extraction of grinding dust. Dutch knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship, or Dutch Finishing Solutions. All our deburring machines are developed in-house and manufactured with only A-components. A Dutch product to be proud of! We use the technical and practical knowledge within the Q-Fin organization for the development, manufacture and sale of innovative deburring and related machines. By building superior machines in terms of speed and choice of finish options and offering a high level of service, we want to bind the customer to us. The perfect curve comes from our hand. We are proud of that at Q-Fin.



Most customers demand the rounding or minimal edge breaking of the edges of metal workpieces. Otherwise, employees in manual assembly processes and end users can get their hands open. They must therefore maneuver the workpieces with such care that they cannot work smoothly. Customers often provide specifications for a certain constant radius of the product. Depending on the purpose, Q-Fin can apply a constant radius with its machines in one pass by breaking edges or rounding them to the required radius. We ensure an optimally adjustable completion. Q-Fin offers you a combination of deburring , grinding and rounding in 1 machine as standard.

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In cutting processes such as laser cutting, plasma cutting and water jet cutting, burrs can form on the metal workpieces. These sharp, excellent irregularities are undesirable for several reasons. Deburring is therefore necessary to remove it. Q-Fin has developed an innovative machine line for the fast, good and easy deburring of steel, aluminum and stainless steel plate parts. With this you always have a machine that deburr your product (s) as desired. At low costs, with high speed and easy to operate. The machines can of course also be used for removing burrs as a result of other operations such as cutting, sawing, punching and / or punching.



Grinding is a machining technique where material is removed with the help of a grinding belt or sanding disc. With grinding you can remove burrs from a product, remove unevenness or add a certain grinding structure to the material. To remove damage, pits and a hard mill scale, coarse grinding belts / grinding grains are often used, for example a Grain 40 (K40) or a Grain 60 (K60). When all unevennesses have been ground from the metal, a surface finish can be considered. A much chosen final finish is ground K320, a nice neat sharpening structure that is also a lot smoother than K40 or K60. At Q-Fin we have both manual and fully automatic grinders. We are happy to advise you about the right machine for your grinding operations.

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The Q-Fin Pro Set is a combination of the F200 XL deburring and grinding machine for (very) small sheet metal parts and the WES3000 wet-working extractor. The perfect set for finishing metal products up to 200 mm wide. With vacuum or magnet support. The F200 XL is specially designed for finishing flat plate parts from 10 to 200 mm wide. Optionally with vacuum or magnet support. Minimum product dimensions for MAG version (only suitable for steel and other ferrous products): 10 x 10 mm. Minimum product dimensions for VAC version (suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, steel and other non-ferrous products): 20 x 20 mm.