Nog 15 gegadigden voor TechniShow Awards

After an initial assessment by the professional jury, 15 exhibitors from the upcoming TechniShow have a chance to win one of the TechniShow Innovation Awards. The remaining candidates are all invited to shed light on their innovation during the pitch day on 11 February.

The entries represent the latest trends in the manufacturing industry: digitization, automation, process optimization and solutions for more efficient production. “The expectation before the judging was that many entries would have to do with innovations in the pre-process and post-process of the editing process. A large number of innovations indeed also focus on the pre-process and post-process. Think of online platforms, smart ways of clamping, automation for unmanned production, smart self-driving vehicles for internal logistics and so on. In addition, there were also innovations that monitor the production process and ensure more output, “according to the jury. The entries were assessed on six points: The extent to which the innovation contributes to smarter and faster entrepreneurship (Smart Industry), the economic impact of the innovation, the commercial added value, the social impact, the extent to which the innovation is really new and unique and the quality of the information provided. All in all, the jury was faced with a difficult choice.

This year the awards are presented in two categories. The first category is New Tech. These are innovations that were not previously presented at the TechniShow trade fair and that were introduced on the Dutch market in or after 2019. The second category is Dutch Technology (previously Made in Holland). Companies that are originally Dutch and that also produce their product in the Netherlands compete in this category.

New Tech
category Ten companies have been nominated in the New Tech category. These are in alphabetical order:

  • BMO Automation with the intelligent centric automatically adjustable machine clamp Smart Centric E-Clamp (SCE);
  • GF Machining Solutions with the Smart Track system that measures and reacts spark erosion in real time, with a dynamic electrode;
  • LVD with the robotized bending cell Dyna-Cell;
  • Metal Heaven with the quote / calculation software Rhodium24;
  • Mitsubishi Electric with the application of artificial intelligence for an unmanned and reliable laser cutting process;
  • Robojob with the Tower Advanced, which enables the automatic and interchangeable production of single pieces and series;
  • Romias Robotics with the software platform Otto Fleetmanager, which ensures that Self Driving Vehicles (SDV) can work together efficiently;
  • Trumpf with Active Speed ​​Control, a system that looks through the nozzle in the laser cut, controls it in real time and then independently controls the feed speed of the laser cutting machine;
  • Tuwi with the K-line plate rollers from MG, which can almost completely cover the ends of the plate in the correct radius and can achieve the desired end product in a single process run;
  • Valk Welding with the new Arc-Eye adaptive camera technology that recognizes the seam shape and can adjust the welding program accordingly.

Dutch Technology
category Five companies have been nominated in the Dutch Technology category. These are in alphabetical order:

  • Cellro with the Xcelerate X20 | R-C2 | 6S, a universal solution for automated processing of products on six sides;
  • ConstruSteel with the software Advanced Scribing for Tekla with which the ideal marking can be applied to steel profiles and plates from the 3D CAD model;
  • Kumatech with the AGV vehicles Pallet Jack (pallet truck), Tractor Tom (tractor pallet format) and Dual John (tractor crate format);
  • Leering Hengelo with the APS portal-drilling machine with sub-axes, whereby the drilling axes can independently perform an operation;
  • Q-Fin with the Q-Fin F600 SP4 with the combination of a planetary brush system with four counter-rotating / counter-rotating heads, which also oscillate, resulting in a directionless surface finish and smooth rounding of cut sheet metal.

Announcement of winners
After the pitches, the jury will select the winners in both categories. The winners will be announced during the Evening of the Manufacturing Industry on March 4. All nominated innovations can be seen at the TechniShow , which will be held from 17 to 20 March in Jaarbeurs Utrecht.


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